Luke Wright

Poet, theatre-maker & Broadcaster Luke Wright will be performing at Tunes in the Park on Friday on the Madhouse Stage.

Calling all poetic enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce that the extraordinary Luke Wright will be performing on the Mad House Stage at Tunes in the Park this Friday. If you’re familiar with British poetry, you’ll know him for his powerful words and captivating performances.

Born in 1982, Luke Wright discovered his love for poetry at the tender age of 17 after seeing Martin Newell and John Cooper Clarke in action. This early passion blossomed into a thriving career, and in 2000, he began his artistic journey co-establishing the poetry collective, Aisle16, with Ross Sutherland. This dynamic duo created three innovative poetry/theatre shows: ‘Powerpoint’, ‘Poetry Boyband’, and ‘Aisle16’s Services To Poetry’.

In 2006, Luke ventured into solo performances and has since then created nine spectacular solo shows that showcase the depth of his talent. With a knack for curating memorable events, he curated the Poetry Arena at Latitude Festival from 2006 to 2015, bringing together some of the most talented poets from across the globe.

Luke also set up the Nasty Little Press in 2009, a publishing house that focuses on poets known for their live performances, bridging the gap between stage and page. He tours frequently, often supporting John Cooper Clarke. His zest for performing poetry and bringing it to life is nothing short of contagious.

Be it through his memorable stage shows, his heartfelt publications, or his contribution to making live performance poetry accessible, Luke Wright’s impact on the world of words is undeniable. Come and behold this master wordsmith weave magic with his verses this Friday on the Mad House Stage!