Elvis-fronted Nirvana tribute Elvana

Slick hair and flannel shirts will be colliding this Saturday at Tunes in the Park! Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute band, Elvana, is set to shake up the Main Stage like a peanut butter and banana sandwich at a grunge party – a mash-up you didn’t know you needed till now.

Elvana gleefully shimmies off convention like a rhinestone-studded jumpsuit, mashing together the King’s swiveling swagger and Nirvana’s thrashing tunes to form a rock n’ roll spectacle that is bizarre, yet enchantingly fun. It’s as if Elvis got lost on his way to Vegas and ended up at a Nirvana concert in the heart of Seattle’s grungy heyday.

Expect heart-aching ballads, exhilarating rock anthems and iconic dance moves all in one show. So put on your blue suede shoes – or should we say your converse sneakers – and come witness this ecstatic love child of 50s rock and 90s grunge. You ain’t nothing but a hound dog if you miss this!