Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys

Sashay on down to Tunes in the Park on August 25th, as we proudly present the Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys on our Main Stage. They’re far more than just a Queen tribute act, they’re a flamboyant, bicycle-riding extravaganza straight from the heart of the South West!

Ever wondered what it would be like to make a time leap back to the 70’s, with all the fabulous music minus the questionable fashion choices? Well look no further! These Lover Boys will have you grooving and foot stomping with their uncanny Freddie Mercury vocal reincarnations, possibly leaving you convinced that Mr. Mercury has risen once again!

They may be a tribute act, but don’t think it’s all ‘Radio Ga Ga’. Known for their jaw-dropping solos, earth-shaking harmonies, and some occasional air guitar, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys are as majestic as a ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ but more fun than ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ at a roller disco.

Get ready to pump your fists in the air, sing (or shout!) the iconic lyrics and rock out with your mock out on August 25th! Their performance is going to be a ‘kind of magic’, without you needing to be ‘under pressure’ of 70s fashion faux pas! And trust us, by the end of the night, you ‘won’t be able to stop them now’ as they’re ‘having such a good time’. So, tie your mother down and bring her along too, because trust us, this one’s a night you won’t want to miss!

Remember, we will rock you at Tunes in the Park, but only if you’re there to witness the magic!