Skinny Living

Skinny Living blends indie soul and hopeful lyricism, embodying the spirit of the working class in their harmonious journey from open-mic nights to global streaming sensation; Skinny Living will be performing at Tunes in the Park on Friday on the Main Stage.

Roll up your picnic blankets and dust off those festival flower crowns, ‘Tunes in the Park’ is here with the spectacular sensation, Skinny Living! Haven’t heard of them? Imagine this: The Isley Brothers met Paolo Nutini at a local open mic night, and decided to form a band, borrowing a bit of Bill Withers’ soulful spirit and sprinkling it all over their indie anthems. Then they became Northern English lads.

At the heart of their extraordinary, ‘pinch-yourself’ journey from struggle street to the shimmering stages are Wakefield’s very own guitar slayers, Will Booth and Danny Hepworth. Whispering harmonies into your ears and teasing your heartstrings into a frenzy, they team up with Belfast-born Ryan Johnston whose vocals are just haunted enough to give you delightful chills without scaring you off. He’s got the ‘Catholic mum, Protestant dad’ narrative down to an art, culminating in baroque chants full of love, dreams, and punchlines.

Six years into their journey, with over 75 million global streams under their undaunted belts, Skinny Living is yet to release a full studio album. But hold onto your dancing shoes, because 2024 is going to deliver us their long-awaited debut!

And what’s up with the name, you ask? Skinny Living: a tribute to their working-class roots, a tribute to the hard grind, the humble living, the big dreams and an unshakeable belief that tomorrow will be better. It’s a lifestyle, folks. So grab a pint, kick back on the grass, and prepare to get serenaded by the heartfelt harmonies of the unequivocal Skinny Living. This is indie soul on a sandwich budget, with a champagne chorus – and it tastes pretty darn good. Your ears will thank you!