Land of the Giants

Funky, upbeat six piece band from Plymouth, Land of the Giants will be performing at Tunes in the Park on Friday on the Main Stage.

They say they hail from the Southwest, but we think they must be from a place where the air is filled with frolicking melodies and the ground is paved with feel-good vibes.

In just one year, these full-sized musical geniuses have crisscrossed the United Kingdom, hitting venues and festivals with sounds so fresh you could slice them up and put them in your morning smoothie. They’ve transformed packed-out stages at Glastonbury and Beautiful Days into one pulsing, dancing mass of humanity ready to groove till dawn.

But listen up, because they’re not just popular in Blighty! From the leprechaun filled land of Ireland to the spicy corners of India, LOTG is sprinting (in a very coordinated, rhythmic way) towards worldwide domination. And if you’ve ever been caught in their musical magic, you know that we should just lay out the welcome mat and prepare for the revelry.

And guess what’s next on the horizon for this unstoppable band? After six months of locking themselves away in their Southwest sound-cave, they’ve emerged with their cheeks glowing and their heads full of harmonies. Armed with a brand new set, they’re back on the road, primed to fill your ears with beats designed to make your feet tap uncontrollably, and your soul sparkle more intensely than a disco ball under strobe lights.

It’s no surprise that these mighty music makers were named Best Band in the Southwest Music Awards and have been tipped by many sage souls as one of the best emerging live bands in the country.

So come on then! Surrender to the rhythm, put those hands up, and whip out those dancing shoes you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Because ever since Land of the Giants humbly took their place under the spotlight, every time their music plays, it’s a special occasion. Unleash that inner dance spirit and get ready to bop, boogie, and sway the night away!