Kernow King

Geddon! Cornish legend Kernow King will be on the mad house stage at Tunes in the Park ‘dreckly on Sunday!

Brace yourself for a rip-roaring time at Tunes in the Park because the renowned Kernow King is all set to entertain us on Sunday! The indomitable Edward Rowe, the man behind the lively Kernow King character will be bringing his unmistakably Cornish charm to our Mad House stage.

This Cornish legend, originally hailing from Roche, attended Poltair School where he found his love for creating laughs and began his standup journey. Best known for his strong Cornish accent and identity, Rowe has elevated every character he’s taken on – right from his hilarious YouTube series, his innovative take on Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” with the ‘Camborne Maid’ song, to his standup tour, ‘Splann!’.

His contributions to Cornish culture didn’t stop there. Rowe utilized his creative genius to educate as well, starring in Kernow King’s sex tape, an educational film in 2015. This unique approach earned him a nomination for the UK Sexual Health Awards. Not limiting himself to comedy, Rowe also made a memorable performance as a struggling fisherman in the BAFTA-winning film, ‘Bait’.

In 2015, he was recognised for his outstanding work in promoting Cornish identity and made a bard of Gorsedh Kernow. Joining the stage with us this year, the Kernow King, will once again grace us with his engaging and endearing performance. Be there on Sunday at our Mad House stage for a royal comedic treat!