Roger McGough

The fabulous Roger McGough will be gracing our poetry stage at Tunes in the Park this Sunday. Born on 9th November 1937, McGough is an esteemed English poet, performance poet, broadcaster, children’s author, and playwright. His impactful influence on the world of poetry has undoubtedly secured him as one of the prime members of the Liverpool poets group, thriving in the Beat poetry scene, alongside the vibrant music and culture of the 1960s Liverpool.

McGough, who notably presents ‘Poetry Please’ on BBC Radio 4, has had associations of his work with another great, The Beatles, and was instrumental in groups like ‘The Scaffold’ and ‘The Grimms’. His work’s prevalence and popularity in the academic realm are undeniable, notably due to his expression particularly through play with words and stylised wit.

With over 500,000 copies sold of ‘The Mersey Sound’, an anthology of poetry co-authored by McGough, his contribution to poetry is significant and potent. Known for his humorous dialogue and comedic sketches, including his contribution to the Beatles’ animated film ‘Yellow Submarine’, his take on poetry is sure to have you enthralled.

So, come along and be absorbed by the beautiful craft of words this Sunday as Roger McGough takes us into a world where poetry dances with humour, sadness, and the uncanny spirit of the city life. Remember, as Carol Ann Duffy rightly nicknamed him, you’re about to meet “the patron saint of poetry”.