Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax will be performing at Tunes in the Park on Saturday on the Madhouse Stage.

Get ready to tune your senses wild as the singularly unique and wildly imaginative, “The king of home-made instruments,” yes you heard right, Thomas Truax, is ready to claim the Saturday spotlight at the Mad House Stage at Tunes in the Park!

With a DIY zeal even Bob the Builder would envy, Thomas Truax (rhymes with throw-axe, so you won’t screw the pronunciation!) has been illuminating the pop music fringe since 2000 with a delightful mix of offbeat instruments that Dr. Seuss might have dreamt up! He’s the mastermind behind the bike wheels turned drum machine ‘Mother Superior’, the Dr. Seuss-ian gramophone ‘The Hornicator’, and let’s not forget his pride and joy, resonator guitar ‘Hank’, which promises to fortify our fest with his enriching, poetically evocative singing.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Thomas has followed his passion through adventurous ventures, from trying to build a synthesizer out of an old radio as a youngster to touring with his rock band, Like Wow, in the ecstatic 90s. He even had a stint posting bills for the Toby Tyler Circus in sunny Florida before deciding he might have more fun sticking posters for his solo act back in New York City.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention his collaborations with Jarvis Cocker, Duke Special, Richard Hawley, James Smith of Yard Act, Bob Log III, the Dresden Dolls, and his latest work, ‘Dream Catching Songs,’ featuring drummer Budgie of the Slits, Siouxsie, & The Banshees released in 2023.

When he’s not enchanting audiences with ‘insect, trees and lunar’ themed songs – that could very well elucidate ‘Why Dogs Howl at The Moon,’ he’s proven his creative prowess in other arts. Ever watched MTV‘s hit series ’Celebrity Deathmatch’ or Cartoon Network’s ’Robot Chicken’? Yeah, Thomas was an animator for those!

This delightfully stubborn DIY enthusiast has also scored major German stage productions, created a ‘Songs From The Films Of David Lynch’ album inspired by a fascinating meeting with the director himself, and even found himself scribbled into a Marvel Comic for his iconic Hornicator!

Get ready to immerse yourselves in the mystical and musically brilliant narrative of Thomas Truax at Tunes in the Park. We can’t wait to welcome you all to this unforgettable performance of melodies from wowtown’s favourite son and beyond under Cornwall’s enchanting twilight.