Sam Ryder

🎉🎸Dust off your space helmets and polish up your air guitars because hold on tight – Sam Ryder, THE cosmic musical sensation, is about to rock Tunes in the Park faster than you can say “Space Man”!

Be sure to be there Saturday, August 26 at our main stage. Yes, we did the calculations, and the stars have aligned just for this event – even the aliens agree!

Sam Ryder, a man with more charm than the milky way has stars, is gracing us with his interstellar presence. This UK-born rockstar has been shaking the cosmos since he gained prominence on TikTok in 2020. From his kitchen in Essex to the dizzying heights of Eurovision, and now to our festival, Sam has pulled the gravity right from under us with his meteorically ascending music career.

You might know him from his life-changing performance at Eurovision 2022, where his smash hit “Space Man” blasted the UK into the second overall position. Or maybe you’ve caught him belting out the British national anthem at the British Grand Prix. But at Tunes in the Park, you get the privilege of seeing him up close and personal, minus the protective heat shield… you might want to pack sunscreen for that radiant talent!

And while you groove to his music, keep in mind, he’s not just a singer, he’s a music and vegan café entrepreneur, father of construction projects, and also allegedly a UFO spotter (well, we all have our interests).

So if you fancy a bit of rock, pop or perhaps a taste of alternative and glam metal, strap yourselves in, because Sam Ryder’s set will be equivalent to a round trip rocket ride to Mars… it’s going to be one heck of a space jam! 🎉🎸

And please, let’s not confuse him with Ram Ryder. 💫